Denpasar Has Various Attractions

denpasar has various attractions
The white sandy beaches are well-known all over the island. Some of the surfing beaches are Kuta Beach, Legian Beach and Canggu Beach. Sanur beach has calmer waters and is excellent for sunbathing. Ten minutes from the Ngurah Rai International Airport lies the town of Kuta. Kuta is where most of the hotels, restaurants, malls, cafes, marketplaces, and spas that cater to tourists are located. In the Denpasar area, all kinds of Balinese handicrafts are represented in local shops. These include artwork, pottery, textiles, and silver.

Batik cloth is sold all over Denpasar. These bright sheets of cloth are as beautiful as they are cheap. Made of pure cotton with glorious patterns, Balinese batik is definitely a good buy. Sometimes batik cloth is made into wearable clothing such as a sarong or men's shirts. The jewelry district is in a town called Celuk, Gianyar Regency which is 30 minutes away (depending on traffic congestion) from Kuta. Here there are silversmiths' and goldsmiths' shops selling jewellery cheaply. 

While arts and culture in the city of Denpasar largely synonymous with the arts and culture generally, although here there has been interaction with other cultures blend with the arrival of tourists from different walks of life. However, traditional values ​​are inspired by Hindu religious rituals still strong coloring of this city.

The role of Indigenous people of Bali are still rooted in the city of Denpasar, Bali Indigenous is included, norms and behavior in society generally on patrilineal kinship system. However, over time some of the customary laws began to be contrasted by the community, particularly in gender issues and inheritance.

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